The hits and misses of bootin gluten from your diet

I love food.  I love cooking.  As a child it was a valued activity that my mother shared with me.  We would spend time together baking and talking, it was a wonderful time in my life.  As an adult it became a way of expressing myself and sharing with friends and family.

A few years ago I started having health issues and decided to try some experimenting with my diet in an attempt to resolve my issues.  I started by cutting certain foods out of my diet with little impact, until I removed gluten.  I immediately started noticing changes in how I felt.  I knew that removing gluten from my diet was the right choice for me.

At first I took the easy way out and purchased premade foods from specialty grocers but the quality was poor and the expense was added insult.  I tried sticking to a diet of “naturally gluten free foods” like rice and veggies but as wonderful as they are I became bored and missed my favorites, like pizza, baguettes, cookies and tortillas.  I have an alternate personality, I am a cookie monster!

So it began.  I started baking and devoted my free time to developing the perfect recipes’s for my favorite foods.  I feel I have some wonderful recipes as well as money and time saving tips to share.  It’s an ongoing process and I continue to add to my list of ideas and solutions.  Admittedly there have been some horrific failures but maybe you can learn from my mistakes and maybe we can learn together!  

This is my blog, my food therapy, my therapy!  I hope you enjoy it.


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